Chris Hemsworth’s 600-calorie diet is guaranteed to make you feel like a fatass

Chris Hemsworth was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night to promote his new film, Thor: The Dark World, but the conversation eventually switched to his next project, Ron Howard’s Heart of the Sea, which is about the real events that inspired “Moby Dick.” Obviously, Heart of the Sea is a far cry from Marvel’s The Avengers or Thor in terms of physical appearance, as the comic book films require Hemsworth to be a hunky slab of Australian man meat, while Heart of the Sea is about a bunch of guys starving to death while stranded at sea.

Hemsworth told Kimmel all about how he’s making the transition from beefcake to alfalfa sprout, and just listening to him talk about a diet that requires a maximum of 600 calories per day left me smothering my own hand in BBQ sauce and gnawing it down into a bloody stump.

Even better, Artie Lange was also on the show, and he gave us a glimpse of what Thor would look like if he said, “Aw, f*ck it” and just ate Asgard.

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