Chris Klein’s auditions for Twilight, Avatar

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05.25.10 18 Comments

I thought for sure Chris Klein’s infamous Mamma Mia audition was a joke when I first saw it.  But a week later he’s not saying so, and even made this Funny or Die video making fun of it, which would further suggest that the earlier video was in fact real.  All I can say about that is, I want whatever he was snorting.  “Awesome to meet you guys!  Hey, is it just me or is your skin really itchy?  I think I have a splinter, hand me that pocket knife.  HEY! I F*CKING LOVE THIS SONG!”

Anyway, I don’t know if a guy can ever fully recover from that, but if you watch his latest video, you have to admit the guy’s got some comedy chops:

I love the one liners at the beginning of each.  A couple of my favorites:

“Hey, do you guys know Brendan Fraser?  He’s such a peach.  You should have him in here.”

“No way, there’s a guy down at the Chevron on Pico that looks like Axel Rose!”

All I’m saying is, if all it takes is a horrible, cocaine-fueled, disaster audition to spawn a celebrity Funny or Die that’s actually funny… uh… people should… do that more.  I doubt even all the cocaine in the world could make Jerry O’Connell interesting, but I’d be willing to wait and see.

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