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Here’s a news lede that has everything:

ISTANBUL – The mayor of Batman, a city recently under scrutiny due to unsolved murders and increasing rates of female suicides, will sue the director of the movie “Batman” movie [sic].

Yes, there is a city in Turkey named “Batman”.  And the mayor is suing Chris Nolan.  Not DC Comics, not Warner Bros, but Chris Nolan.  My sources tell me the only reason he didn’t sue Adam West is that he can hear your thoughts.

“The royalty of the name ‘Batman’ belongs to us … There is only one Batman in the world. The American producers used the name of our city without informing us,” [Mayor Hüseyin] Kalkan told to the Doğan news agency.

Mayor Kalkan said last year foreign media picked up on Batman and the city’s increasing suicide rates among women. He said a columnist asked why Batman’s mayor did not sue the movie Batman for royalties while struggling with economic problems. “We found this criticism right and started to look for legal possibilities of a case like that,” he said.

Meanwhile, local newspaper Batman Çağdaş alleged yesterday that Batman residents living abroad cannot use Batman as a title for their business, leading the municipality to think about the royalty rights of that name.

Batman Çağdaş newspaper reported that Şafii Dağ, a former Batman resident, currently living in the Germany city of Wesel, is one of those citizens who cannot use Batman as a title for his business, according to the newspaper. “I named my two restaurants Batman. But six months ago, a team of employees from the production company of the movie Batman made me change the title. Telling them that Batman was the name of my hometown did not change anything,” Dağ said. [Hurriyet Daily News via GeeksofDoom – Thanks to Kevin for the tip]

You might wonder why a city in Turkey would be named Batman.  The answer is that it’s built on the banks of the Batman River.  Duh.

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