Chris Pratt Reveals What Goes On His Own Totally Awesome Mix, And It’s Totally Awesome/Kinda Embarrassing

You can love Guardians of the Galaxy, you can hate Guardians of the Galaxy, but if you don’t at least like the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, you’re completely and totally wrong.*  From David Bowie, to the Jackson 5, to the Piña Colada song (ugh, maybe scratch that one), Galaxy’s music brought a nostalgic, lighthearted energy to a buoyant, playful storyline. Now Chris Pratt, aka ‘Star-Lord,’ revealed to IGN (via Cinemablend) what went on his own “Totally Awesome Volume 1” mix:

“I made a mixed tape for my brother that was essentially an Awesome Mix – Vol.1, but it was all the music I loved and made me think of him, and that was from the 80’s.’

What was the music Chris Pratt listened to in the 80s? Was it spine-tingling hair metal? Upchucking street punk? How about some . . . Starship Enterprise:

And some Run-D.M.C. . . .

And – I’m so sorry to do this to you, but . . .

Madonna also made the list, but that’s a pretty conventional choice. It takes a certain kind of bravery to admit that you listened – and continue to listen to – “We Are The World,” but Pratt is the one megaceleb who can totally put it off. Sweet, goodhearted, and popular for (yeah, legitimate) good reasons, Pratt’s own mix complements Guardian’s own goodhearted, popular soundtrack and the movie’s goodhearted, popular, feel. Don’t you feel good now?


*or right.