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02.11.10 30 Comments

Police in New Mexico found a body buried in someone’s front yard  last week, which no one would care about at all, except that front yard once sort of belonged to Christian Bale.  Says TMZ:

We’ve learned in 2008, while Bale was filming “Terminator: Salvation” in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the body of Michael Snyder lay in the front yard. Snyder had been missing for 8 years … buried at the home the entire time. The body was discovered last week, after cops received a tip. Snyder’s ex-wife has been arrested and charged with murder. Bale obviously had no idea the body was in the yard.

As the police finally dug the guy out, I like to imagine Christian Bale standing on the steps going “Ooooh goood for yoooou.”

Seriously though, there’s like five articles about this on the entire internet and all of them seem to be most concerned with the Christian Bale angle.  See, this is why when I need to kill a girlfriend, I bury her inside Horatio Sanz.

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