Christine O’Donnell’s The Crucible (Exclusive)

Senior Editor
10.19.10 22 Comments

FilmDrunk’s very own video editor guy, Oliver Noble, put together this fine mash up of masturbation-hating, possible witch, Delaware Senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell, and The Crucible.  It imagines what O’Donnell’s life would’ve been like had she been alive in the 1690s, and the only thing standing between her and a flaming witch pyre was Daniel Day-Lewis.  I always get the modern adaptation of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible starring Winona Ryder and Daniel Day-Lewis, mixed up with the Demi Moore/Gary Oldman Scarlett Letter. They both came out during 1995/1996’s witch fever, which also saw the release of The Craft and the subsequent, terrifying near-stardom of Fairuza Balk.  (The soundtrack to that included Our Lady Peace, Sponge, Elastica, AND Spacehog, incidentally).

More to the point, it seems like every show, Bill Maher has 10 new clips of Christine O’Donnell on his old show, Politically Incorrect, back when no one knew who she was.  He must have had her on 20 times.  Which makes me wonder: Is Bill Maher partially to blame for Christine O’Donnell being famous enough to run for Senate?  Discuss.

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