Christopher Walken Will Play An Orangutan In ‘The Jungle Book’

07.28.14 5 years ago 10 Comments

The cast for the upcoming Disney remake of “The Jungle Book” keeps getting more and more inciting. According to Hitfix, Christopher Walken has been added to the cast to fill the role of King Louie, the orangutang. Also joining the cast is Giancarlo Esposito (AKA Gus from ‘Breaking Bad’) who will be voicing the role of wolf-pack leader Akela. These two additions join an already star-packed cast:

As previously reported, other leading cast for “The Jungle Book” includes Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Scarlett Johansson as Kaa and newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli (the latter of whom will be the only actor to physically appear on screen).

The last time I watched Disney’s 1967 classic “The Jungle Book,” – complete with talking bears, a jazz-singing orangutang, and Liverpudlian vultures – I thought to myself “I hope they make a live-action remake of this movie. I know it’s a long shot to ask that Hollywood remake the 1967 ‘Jungle Book’ which was a remake of the 1942 ‘Jungle Book’, but maybe, just maybe, Hollywood will someday see the financial potential in remaking remakes. Someday.” Well, looks like my wish was granted, in 1994. And boy, was it terrible. I remember my 9-year-old self thinking “this is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen” which was saying a lot, as my favorite movie at the time involved Jim Carrey spreading his ass-cheeks right in my 9-year-old face. But now I’m all grown up. I don’t call things “gay”, I don’t watch Jim Carrey, and I don’t care for remakes. But I’m still interested in a live-action remake of “The Jungle Book.” Hopefully, this one will be better than the last one. But no worries if it’s not. Because there is ANOTHER remake of “The Jungle Book” being made simultaneously by Warner Bros, with Andy Serkis as the director (and playing all the parts, I imagine.) So many “Jungle Book” remakes to choose from. One of them has got to be good, right?

Here is the only scene from the 1994 “Jungle Book” remake that I enjoyed (for reasons a few readers will understand):


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