Clash of the Titans inks huge partnership deal

Senior Editor
04.01.10 20 Comments

Tired of being the forgotten step-child of the snack food industry, Mac’s Pork Skins, hoping to reverse a decades-long trend of eroding market share for pork rinds, has announced a huge product placement deal with Warner Bros new action-adventure Clash of the Titans. The announcement comes on the eve of the 3D film’s release.  Said Mac’s new Chief Marketing Office, Seth Goldberg:

“Mac’s Pork Skins have long catered to the snacker who defies convention, says ‘damn the Gods’ of processed corn and wheat snacks, and opts instead for the classic taste of pork skin, the only snack that’s been enjoyed by snackers everywhere continuously since the time of the ancient Greeks.  I can’t eat them myself, for religious reasons, but if I did, I’d reach for Mac’s.  They’re the porkinest!”

Insiders say editors are hurriedly adding Mac’s Pork Skins to some key Clash scenes via CGI. In addition, Titans star Liam Neeson, who plays Zeus in the film, will appear in character in a few Mac’s spots set to air during the NCAA finals this weekend, in which he’ll loudly declare that we must “RELEASE THE CRACKLIN’S!”

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