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This is a clip from 2005 in which the BBC was doing an interview with Werner Herzog prior to the release of his film, Grizzly Man. In the middle of the interview, Herzog GETS SHOT IN THE BELLY BY A SNIPER.  Herzog then declines medical treatment and opts not to track down the gunmen, saying of the air rifle, “It is not a significant bullet,” adding “It is not an every day thing, but it does not surprise me to be shot at.  Za poet must never look away.”   Would you expect anything less from a man whose wikipedia picture is him standing in front an old-timey hot air balloon?

“Oont ven I look eento za canvas uff za hot air balloon, I don’t see magic or wonder.  I see za cold eendifferent lawz uff physics, oont realize zat one day, I vill die.  Ees beautiful.”   More fun facts about Werner Herzog after the jump.

“When he was 12, he and his family moved back to Munich. The same year, Herzog was told to sing in front of his class at school and he adamantly refused. He was almost expelled for this and until the age of 18 listened to no music, sang no songs and studied no instruments. He later said that he would easily give 10 years from his life to be able to play an instrument.”

“Herzog once promised to eat his shoe if Errol Morris completed the movie project on pet cemeteries that he had been working on, in order to challenge and motivate Morris, whom Herzog perceived as incapable of following up on the projects he conceived. In 1978 when the film Gates of Heaven premiered, Werner Herzog cooked and publicly ate his shoe, an event later incorporated into a short documentary Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe by Les Blank.”

“Werner Herzog once challenged a man with no eyes to a staring contest and, upon losing, cut out his own eyes.”

Okay, so I made that last one up, but the dude is harsh.

(Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip)

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