Clearing up that Lindsay Lohan playing Linda Lovelace rumor

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05.06.10 22 Comments

This story about Lindsay Lohan being cast in a biopic of Linda Lovelace, star of Deep Throat and Dogf*cker (note: not a joke, and exactly like what it sounds) has, as they say, been making the rounds, much like Lindsay Lohan’s vagina.  Anna Faris had previously been attached to a Lovelace project, and a few months ago, it was announced the guys who did Howl would be directing a biopic.  The latest story that’s been everywhere, even CNN, appears to have come from Variety, who reported that Lohan was in talks to play Lovelace, with Bill Pullman eyeing the role of Hugh Hefner.  They based their story on an interview producer Wali Razaqi supposedly did with the LA Times.  Only that interview is nowhere to be found in the actual LA Times.

You still with me?  Phew.  Anyguey, the San Francisco Chronicle clears things up a bit, reporting that the Howl guys’ Lovelace biopic does not involve Lohan, but rather she’s attached to a rival Lovelace project, Inferno, from Matthew Wilder.  Wilder has one other credit to his name, which also involved Bill Pullman.

Lindsay Lohan’s movie turn as porn queen Linda Lovelace is back on, according to the actress’ photographer pal Tyler Shields. Shields says Lohan’s film will be a rival project, called “Inferno.”
Details about the movie, directed by Matthew Wilder, will reportedly be released at the Cannes Film Festival in France later this month.

If you’re wondering what kind of production this will be, I think the best way to think about it is that it’s the kind that had to attach itself to Lindsay Lohan in order for anyone to pay attention to it.

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