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12.03.10 24 Comments

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THIS WEEK ON THE FROTCAST: I debut a few clips from the Quentin Tarantino roast, we talk about going to Weezer’s “Memories” tour concert (Pinkerton edition), discuss the intense Afghanistan war doc Restrepo (definitely check that out), and bring on our friend Lindy West to play the brand new Armond White game, as an homage to our favorite thesaurificent contrarian cantankerating film critic.  As an extra treat, I’m including a clip of Eli Roth at the Tarantino Roast.  Even with all the comedians there, I thought he was the funniest.

  • Tarantino roast stuff starts at 4:15 of the above clip [just to clarify, this roast is not being televised, so these clips aren’t spoilers or anything.]
  • Jeff Ross at 8:00 – 12:00
  • Sarah Silverman destroys Jerry Lewis 16:25 – 18:00
  • Weezer Concert, Brendan’s theory of how concept albums are like drunk uncles: 22:00 – 30:00
  • Talking Restrepo: 37:00
  • The Armond White Game with Lindy West Intro: 52:00 – 55:00; game begins 55:20 – 1:33:00



[Eli Roth’s Tarantino Roast Clip]

I thought he mostly killed it.  Some of my favorites:

“It’s a little bittersweet for me to be up here at the Friar’s Club, because a lot of people told me I look like Greg Giraldo, and I never believed it until I started f**king his daughter….” [come on, points for brutality, at least. –Ed.]

“It’s only fitting that, like, Pulp Fiction, I begin my Tarantino roast with the ending:  ‘…However, to Uma, it was just considered foot rape.'”

“Quentin once told me he’s a black man trapped in a white man’s body.  Quentin, just because you steal from everybody doesn’t make you black! Look at the Weinstein brothers, they’re not black!  They make me actually regret killing Hitler in Inglourious Basterds.  F**kin’ guy had a point.”

“But I’m not going to spend the whole afternoon talking about fat Jew pigs, although we’ll get to Sarah Silverman in a minute….”

“And when Quentin finally sealed the deal with Uma, he said it was the most tender, beautiful, romantic night of his life.  However, to Uma…. Oh, I already read that part.”

[Again, don’t take the racial stuff out of context, it is a roast.]  Though I also enjoyed Jeff Ross telling Samuel L. Jackson his choices of movie projects were “worse than Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.”


This week’s intro (thanks for all the songs, everyone, we’ll get to them in the next few weeks), once again is “For Good or For Awesome” by the seminal female a capella group, “Satan’s Buttcheeks.”

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