Clipskrieg! Movie Lines That Rhyme, and the week in Supercuts

A while back, we decided that “montage” was too French and tried to replace it with the term “Clipskrieg!” (Always with an exclamation point). But then someone came up with the good-old American “supercut,” and here we are. Anyway, there’ve been a billion of them this week. The one you see above is innovative in the sense that it’s not a supercut of some specific cliché a la You Just Don’t Get It, Do You, but rather a song built from famous movie lines that rhyme. Very clever stuff! Even if the rambunctious jungle rhythms frighten me.

[via Screenwerks. Pic via JuliaSegal]

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! A million supercuts hit this week. Here are a few more…

Here’s a supercut of people yelling “Silence!” Which has to be near the top of the things-people-say-all-the-time-in-movies-but-never-in-real-life list.

[hat tip to TheHighDefinite]

Here’s three minutes of people walking shot from behind. Sure! Yay!


From the same guys who did the 25 best improvised lines the other day, it’s 50 Trippiest Drug Trips on Film. Drugs are great, because doing them makes you cooler!

[via Mewlists]

And finally, this isn’t a supercut, this guy is just ruling SUPER F*CKING HARD, singing Katy Perry on the bus at 8 am. WHY ISN’T ANYONE SINGING ALONG? ARE YOU PEOPLE MADE OF STONE????

[hat tip: Buzzfeed]