Clive Barker sued for giving his ex-boyfriend HIV

Clive Barker, best known as the director of Hellraiser, the writer of Candyman, and probably some other stuff too (who just yesterday got hired to write Zombies vs. Gladiators), has been sued by an ex-boyfriend who alleges the filmmaker gave him HIV (I’d say the HIV virus, but I’m pretty sure the V already stands for “virus”). Somewhere, John Travolta is breathing a sigh of relief and trying to slip out the side door without anyone noticing.

Emilian David Armstrong says in the suit … he met Barker in early 1996, and they quickly moved in together.  Armstrong had a daughter from a previous heterosexual relationship.  She also moved in.
Armstrong says in November, 1996, he was diagnosed with HIV.  The suit claims Barker had tested positive and had urged Armstrong to get tested.  Armstrong is convinced — Barker gave him HIV.
Armstrong says Barker confessed he had previously engaged in a sexual relationship with his own cousin, who had AIDS — and also engaged in sadomasochism in prior relationships that involved syringes.

Sex with his cousin and sadomasochistic syringe parties? Jeez, this guy sounds like a real Hellraiser, am I right?? …No, it’s fine, I’ll show myself out. (Sidenote, the guy who created Hellraiser was into S & M? Who’d have thunk it?)

As for why Armstrong waited 16 years to file a lawsuit — Armstrong says he and Barker tried to work out their relationship and battle the virus together … but things started to go south in 2003.
According to the lawsuit, that’s when Barker became addicted to prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, Percocet, Demerol, and Oxycodone. Armstrong claims Barker would mix these drugs with alcohol, cocaine, and/or crystal meth and use them for recreation.
But Armstrong says he still didn’t give up on the relationship — and tried to help Barker through his drug problems … but they only got worse.  Armstrong says Barker started throwing drug-fueled parties with young men ranging in age from 19 to early 20’s.
The suit claims in 2009, Barker kicked Armstrong out of his house — along with Armstrong’s daughter — and left them destitute.
Armstrong claims he was a partner in Barker’s business ventures and is entitled to a cut of the profits.  He also says he was promised support for life. [TMZ]

Hmmm, well let this be a lesson to you not to trust the promises of the guy mixing Oxy, coke, and meth. Also, you can’t really force a guy to support you for life, can you? That doesn’t seem legally binding. What do you want, for the judge to just order him to be your…. Candyman??? (*rings giant gong, gets dragged offstage*)

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