CNN Airs Diarrhea Scene from Dumb and Dumber

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12.10.10 4 Comments

A few days ago on CNN, someone apparently thought it’d be a funny idea to air the clip of Jeff Daniels having explosive diarrhea from Dumb and Dumber with pretty much no context.  Go ahead, watch the clip.  One second the guy’s talking about riots in England and the latest news from congress, the next Jeff Daniels is performing the most important scene of his career.

People have suggested theories as to how CNN “mistakenly” aired the diarrhea footage, but I’m pretty sure you don’t just have your b-roll from congress sitting around next to your clips of Jeff Daniels taking a dump and Jason Biggs having sex with a pie.  The clip may have had something to do with an upcoming medical segment on the show about a guy with ulcerative colitis.  From CNN via Medialite:

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, nothing helped except high doses of steroids, which because of severe side effects, he could take only for limited periods of time. Soon, the patient became so sick he had to quit his job.
His gastroenterologist wanted to admit him to the hospital for an intravenous round of cyclosporine, a potentially helpful yet dangerous medicine that depresses the body’s immune system and can increase the risk for getting cancer later in life.

The story actually contains the subtitle: “Ten to 15 bloody bowel movements a day.”  Why they thought to illustrate this with a clip from Dumb and Dumber, I’m still not sure.  Maybe the anchor played it right before the interview and was like, “Haha, get it?  That’s you.” Total CNN move.

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