Coen Bros happy to hear Tara Reid is working on Lebowski 2: Electric Boogaloo

02.03.11 8 years ago 23 Comments

The other night when Tara Reid showed up to a benefit to raise awareness for child snatching (she should have pulled out her weather-beaten snatch, to drive home what a terrible thing a snatching can be), neither of her boobs fell out while she was talking, which was considered a great success.  But for me and the two other people who actually paid attention to what she was saying, it was her offhand remark about shooting Big Lebowski 2 this year which caused the greatest (*sound of The Flintstones braking*).   Austin360 recently asked the Coen Brothers what they’d heard about the project, since the people who’d be writing it are usually a good place to start.

Ethan responded with a chuckle, saying, “I’m glad she’s working on it.”
When I asked if they actually had something in the works, Ethan said, “Well, we don’t but we’ll watch it when it comes out.” To which Joel quickly added, “Especially if Tara’s in it.”

Apparently, Tara Reid’s people have tried to clarify the misstep, as well. A spokesperson for Reid told Entertainment Weekly, “She heard Jeff Bridges say that he wanted to make ‘Big Lebowski 2’ and have all the original cast members in it, so she may have misspoke, thinking that included her based on what Jeff said.”

Well that’s why you don’t let the people on weed hang out with the people on coke.  The weed people are always coming up with neat ideas, and the coke people are always demanding follow through, like, “Hey, why are you sleeping?  You PROMISED we are going to open our own casino about pants!”

More importantly, if she was this wrong about Big Lebowski 2, is it possible American Pie 4 isn’t such a foregone conclusion either?  That’s a scary thought.  Someone better tell Natasha Lyonne to try to make nice with her Chik Fil A manager again.

…She’s alive, right?

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