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03.23.09 53 Comments

We are the Co-en Bro-thers… don’t get a-long with o-thers…

The ever-prolific Coen Brothers are set to adapt True Grit, the 1968 Charles Portis novel that already spawned a film adaptation for which John Wayne won an Oscar in 1969.

Not a traditional remake, the Paramount film will be more faithful to the Charles Portis book than the 1969 pic. Portis’ novel is about a 14-year-old girl who, along with an aging U.S. marshal and another lawman, tracks her father’s killer in hostile Indian territory. But while the original film was a showcase for Wayne, the Coens’ version will tell the tale from the girl’s p.o.v.

Portis’ book has been described as “Like Cormac McCarthy, but funny.”  It was also announced recently that Greg Mottola and Bill Hader are adapting another Portis novel, Dog of the South.  Reached for comment, Portis said, “No, it’s great that you’re only just now discovering me, that’s awesome.  No really.  Heck, I’m only 75.  Yup, nothing but silk Depends and extra-virgin prune juice for yours truly.   Assholes.”

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