Come to my comedy show! (And morning links).

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Just a reminder, I’ve got my first of three stand-up shows this month TONIGHT at Milk Bar in San Francisco at 8 pm. Stop by if you’re near the Haight. We’ll party Super Gangnam style. (Probably the best music video ever).

SF comedian Matt Lieb stops by to talk drugs, Armond White, TDKR spoilers, Tony Robbins, and the Shrek-looking Twilight fan. |Frotcast|

See Vince bring the funny tonight at Milk Bar. |Events|

Read This: Patton Oswalt’s Keynote Address at the Just For Laughs
Festival |Film Drunk|

The Buseys of Oz [via Videogum]

Twitter Suspends Journalist Who’s Been Ripping NBC To Shreds |UPROXX|

Breaking Badass Power Rankings: ‘Hazard Pay’ |Warming Glow|

Your Sarcastic Guide To Alleged Plot Holes In ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
|Gamma Squad|

Dallas Cowboys Glory Holes: A Retrospective |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Olivia Munn Pulls Her Eyelashes Out Because She’s A Crazy Person |The Superficial|

What If Ryan Kalil’s Super Bowl Guarantee Inspired More Players? |With Leather|

Lindsay Lohan Crashed Katy Perry’s Party Then Stalked Her |IDLYITW|

Kat Dennings Is Christina Hendricks 2.0 |Buzzfeed|

The best Gary Busey meets Wizard of Oz fan art you’ll see today |Daily What|

The Things You Hear on Vacation |College Humor|

5 Medical Innovations of the Civil War |Mental Floss|

As Gotham fell, the Gotham Gazette continued their award winning
coverage. |Fark|

The Nolan Brunette: An Examination of the Director’s Most Commonly Used
Trope |Pajiba|

Seven Actresses Not Afraid To Pick Incredibly Challenging Roles |Unreality|

Important: Paulina Gretzky Is a Sorority Girl In Latest Instagram Pics

Brainwashed by the Westboro Baptist Church |High Definite|

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