Come up with your best “Hairy Tw*tter” magic spell

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08.03.12 18 Comments

Boy, you write about po- er, the adult film industry – once or twice and those people never leave you alone. I swear, it’s almost as if they’re desperate for attention or something. Anyway, that’s how it was that Dreamzone Entertainment (site NSFW) hit me up, offering my readers a prize package (blah blah blah pun intended blah) and a caption contest of sorts:

1.       Follow @TheHairyTwatter on Twitter
2.       Create a spell that would magically grow women’s pubic hair
3.       Post on twitter, must mention @TheHairyTwatter and @Filmdrunk
4.       The three Funniest/most creative spells will receive DreamZone Entertainment prize packs.  Entrants must be able to prove they are over 18 and live in an area where we can legally ship adult content to.
5.       Judging is 100% subjective and will likely involve a dart board.

Obviously, I can’t participate, because I tried a number of pube-growing spells back in junior high and high school, and nothing worked until I was like 17.

Anyway, there you have it, go nuts. Trailer is after the jump, starring Nora Skyy and Jessie Andrews (check her out now, it’s only a matter of time before she breaks into the mainstream). “Nora Skyy” is also interesting, because I believe it represents a new era in adult film star naming conventions. Name of pet/street you grew up on is out. Now, for your first name, use your favorite rom-com director. For your last name, your favorite alcohol. My name’s “Cameron Bulleit,” what’s yours?

Oh man. Every pr0no star should have to attempt a British accent, all the time.

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