Comic-Con 2010: Harry Potter shirt here stabbed a guy

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07.25.10 37 Comments

As I was waiting three hours to be eventually turned away from the Thor/Captain America panel in Hall H at Comic Con today, we saw police lead away this guy, wearing a blood-stained Harry Potter shirt. We all booed him for some reason, and a black dude near me said, “Aw, it had to be a black guy, didn’t it. That f*cker!”

Anyway, word around the campfire is, the guy being led away by the police stabbed another guy in the face with a pen, possibly in the eye. People are saying it’s the worst thing to happen to the fanboy community since Tommy Fitzgivens went rape crazy at Chewbacca-Con ’96. Sweat on my space suit, LA Times:

As attendees waited for Seth Rogen and other panelists to take the stage, security officials stormed up one aisle in the cavernous space with a stretcher. A commotion ensued as hundreds of attendees strained to get a better look (and a hundred cell-phone cameras flashed). A few minutes later, a man with a cut on his face was wheeled out on the stretcher.

It’s funny, because if someone had asked me how I like standing in line for three hours, I would’ve told them “I’d rather jam a f*cking pen in my eye.”

UPDATE: More from ComicBookResources:

Shortly after the incident, CBR News was on the scene to capture a photo of the stabbing suspect in police custody and to speak with Sergeant Gary Mondesir of the San Diego Police Department about the incident.
“Basically, inside of Hall H during Comic-Con, prior to one of the showings, two males got into a dispute,” Sergeant Mondesir said. “One male attacked the other male, stabbing him on the side of his eye with a pen. Officers were relatively close by. Citizens within the hall detained the person. Officers came and arrested him, and right now we’re processing the scene inside.”
The sergeant explained that the dispute did break out after one person stated that the other person sitting through a panel to attend a later one should leave. “He’ll be charged with assault with a deadly weapon due to the stabbing in the eye.”

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