Frotcast 339: Stinker Lets Loose, Comic-Con

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07.25.17 14 Comments


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Do you remember the good ol’ boy movies of the 1970s? The ones that celebrated a guy, who maybe wasn’t particularly handsome, or smart, or heroic, but he loved hot cars, had a sweet mustache, and was always up for a good time, and inexplicably surrounded by willing women? Well Mike Sacks remembers those movies, which is why he wrote Stinker Lets Loose, the novelization of a “lost” 1976 CB radio classic about a cross-country trucker sent to deliver a shipment of Coors to the president — accompanied by his overweight buddy and a female chimp in heat. We talk to Mike about his book, discuss Game of Thrones, and get the scoop on Comic-Con from Matt Lieb (of ‘The Star Wars Show!’), who just got back from there.


3:20 – Is Game of Thrones jumping the shark if I’ll keep watching it no matter how much I complain?

13:52 – We talk to Mike Sacks, author of ‘Stinker Lets Loose,’ the novelization of a non-existent 70s CB radio adventure comedy.

22:35 – Actual excerpt from the ‘Stinker Lets Loose’ audiobook

41:35 – Matt Lieb tells us all about his Comic-Con experience.

1:06:27 – Listener emails. We talk Chester from Linkin Park and celebrity death in general.

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