Commando reboot has “a great script”, says liar

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06.15.11 14 Comments

As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that could possibly be better than the original Commando is watching small African children explain the plot of the original Commando.  But there’s a small, vocal minority of people out there, mostly made up of the producers of the Commando remake, who think a Commando remake is a super-good idea. Producer John Davis recently provided an update on the project (which we first heard of

What’s up with Commando?
Davis:  We have a really great script.  You know, I don’t know if it really makes sense to call it Commando.  Maybe it does or maybe doesn’t [HOLD ON, I’M TRYING TO WRITE ALL THIS DOWN. -Ed.].  It is the reboot of it and all of that stuff.  It is David Ayer, who did Training Day.  He wrote it and wants to direct it.  It is there and it is a brilliant script.  It is just waiting for the right moment for the studio to want to make it and finding the right actor.

Do you envision that as a hard R?
Davis:  Yes.  Definitely. Right now the script that is written is a hard R

I know I can trust John Davis when he says it’s a “really great script,” because just before this exchange, he told the interviewer that Allan Loeb was a “really great writer.” And Allan Loeb wrote both Wall Street 2 and that movie where Kevin James becomes an MMA fighter to save the rec center (Paul Blart’s Mixed Martial Farts, I like to call it).  Suffice it to say, John Davis is a great pitch man. I thought it was a bad idea at first, but now I’m sold. I’ve even created this promotional poster.

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