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06.13.11 24 Comments

For this week’s comments of the week, I took an unusual and unprecedented step of choosing a winner that actually came from a comment on the Facebook page.  I’ll try not to make a habit of it, it’s just that I couldn’t deny this comment on my Super 8 review, because I wish I’d put it this way myself.

Josh M says: My generation (white, male, middle-class Americans between 25 and 35) has the annoying tendency to value nostalgia over emotional and intellectual maturation. At some point, the Wolfman should cease to have nards.

So true.  And now for your honorable mentions:

From Girl booted for texting leaves angry message at the Alamo Drafthouse:

Jacktion! says: I heard that the black moviegoers around her complained.
“That white girl was using her phone so much, I could barely hear myself yelling at the screen!”

Ax Anderson says: Clearly she was there to see Tree of Life.

From Scene Breakdown: First trailer for Twilight: Breaking Dawn:

Michelle07 says: Eddie Tony Massen Culen, will you put a demon babay in me?

From New Super 8 trailer:

Michelle07 says: I would watch the heck out of some amateur alien films. They’re all meep meep uh huh uh huh ptoo ptoo gazekta gazoink!” That’s good stuff man.

(Michelle’s really good at gibberish).

From Was Brett Ratner gloating about X-Men’s box office:


Lester Hayes Mayes says: On the other hand, Ratner thoroughly enjoyed Matthew Vaughn’s Layercake.

Farthammer says: Brett Ratner watches the Cooking Channel while riding a Sybian.

From Salt will have a sequel with even more of Angelina Jolie’s spazzy running:

Chino Moreno says: Angelina spaz running in Salt 2: Mrs. Dash.

Now that’s how you pun.

From This Week in Posters, DavidNowacki enjoys Spanish Smurf posters:

davidnowacki says: I like Smurf Linda. Usually to get them to the blue-ness of my liking, they have to be Pitufi Estrangulación.

From New Terminator to star Paul Walker, Dean Machine has your first dialog:

Dean Machine says: “Come with me if you want to live, bro.”

From Kevin Smith is producing a reality show and sh*t, Chareth Cutestory commenting and whatnot:

Chareth Cutestory says: I can’t wait for the forthcoming @ikea twitter barrage about how their plönk casting couches are unduly narrow.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Plönk is a real IKEA couch and he looked it up just for this joke.

From Darren Aronofsky planning a Dark ‘n Gritty Noah’s Ark movie:

Electric Mayhem says: God I hope they go with the overexposed “300″ look. “THIS..IS…ARARAT!” (kicks dove off mountain)

And last but not least, from Russell Crowe is pro-Funny Jew Hats, anti-circumcision, while we’re on the subject of baby penises:

Chino Moreno says; I would totally suck a baby’s dick. HAHA! Just kidding. A baby can’t get me drunk!

Thanks for your participation as always, guys and gals.  As always, nominate for next week’s by nominating your favorite comments in the comments section of this post below.




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