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04.11.10 32 Comments

This week I’ve got three copies of the Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire special edition DVD set, now available from Comedy Central.  I’m sure it’s right up your alley, because I know how you guys love things that flame and man dunes (*high fives frat buddies*).  (…I don’t know either, man.).  Anyway, here are your three winners:

[From Danny Trejo to Produce Basketball Version of The Blind Side]  Donkey Hodey says:

Donkey: Yer changin’ that boy’s laahfe.
Trejo: Chinga, ése. He changeen mine.

[From Jamie Foxx Wants to Eat Pizza in a Male Shower]

Jacktion! says:
I want to get a tattoo of Jamie Foxx winking over a pair of sunglasses while shredding on a double neck guitar, and riding a surfboard. Above that it’ll say in cursive “Let’s Party!” Behind it will be a big pot leaf, and behind that will be a big cross, because I’m real religious since my parents died.
Except change “let’s Party!” to “Happy Birthday, Rick!” because it’s his birthday tomorrow, and he will FREAK.

[From British University to Offer Masters in Vampire Lit]

Stinky Peet says: Stephenie Meyer’s favorite children’s book was See Dick, Run.

Great job, fellers.  And now for the honorable mentions:

But first!  I couldn’t recognize everyone who was funny in the Guy Who F*cks Dolphins thread, because we’d be here all day.  You can relive the magic with the help of that link.  Until then, just take this as representative of the whole:

Donkey Hodey says:
*logs into Dolphinf* chat room*

Hey baby, Age/Sex/Echolocation?

From Robert Vince, Most Valuable Primate:

Robopanda says: Once, while at the beach, I suffered a horrible jellyfish sting. As I hobbled ashore in pain, none other than ROBERT VINCE himself appeared suddenly (from whence he came I do not know) and said, “Let me help you.” He then proceeded to urinate upon me with great force. Unfortunately, it was all in my face and a little in the neck area, which did nothing for the jellyfish bite. He then disappeared as abruptly and without explanation as he had emerged. I still send him Christmas cards every year.

From Michael Madsen will Play His Own Brother in Tarantino’s new movie, While John Travolta will Play His Own Brother, and They Will Both be Brothers….

CROOOW says: This script will be written by a roomful of monkeys on typewriters. The wizard will force-feed them blow while Q shadow boxes in the corner.

Donkey Hodey says: So, they have no prior knowledge that either existed?

Well, to that I say…


Viva Lost Vegas.

Chino Moreno says: Andy Garcia’s twin was going to be in this, but he got cut out.

From Gone with the Pope Gets a Release Schedule:

Fek’lhr says: Frankly my dear, stick it up ya motha’s tw*t?

From Freakonomics is a Movie:

Oski says: I just hope that E Honda steals a bucket of fried chicken like Precious but instead of running does that torpedo headbutt thing.

From Sandra Bullock Definitely has a Nazi Sex Tape:

Jacktion! says: I actually saw this sex tape, and he didn’t smear feces on her lip. He tried, but an eagle swooped down and stole it.

From Captain America Casting for Busty Brits.

Chino Moreno says: Captain America wants to stick Florida between those things.

Get it?  It’s America’s dong.

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