Comments of the Week: Sodomy on SET!

Were you wondering: What the deleted scenes from the Big Wedding were?

Rodney Hardrod: This movie was supposed to be rated-X but all the good parts got chopped out of it: De Niro having sex with a dog, Robin Williams showing off his penis through his priest robes, various orgies (both gay and straight), the old man getting a BJ from his maid by the pool.

Wow! Rodney Hardrod! Do you have any behind the scenes trivia?

Rodney Hardrod: De Niro is known as a huge pervert! He and Robin Williams butt-f**ked while making this movie.

Fascinating. I always wondered what real live movie sets were like.

And this week also brought the resignation of our favorite sorority girl. Some of our users have some close connections to her, apparently:

BurnsyFan66: My buddy fingerbangered her at Taco Bell.

With a little extra nacho cheese, I hope! Nibble Gorditas. Juice runs down wrist.

Speaking of sororities there was some fan out pouring for Ashley Burns’s Birthday Wish to Channing Tatum:


HOTT GOSS inbox?!! Burnsy, quit being a silly goose!

We know you get your GOSS straight from the source. Besides being on C-Tate’s speed dial, there’s pics on the fan site of you in NYC sellin rocks to Amanda Bynes, you dressed as a a fake pilot getting on DiCaprios private jet (irony), and slipping Jodie Foster a roofie in Vegas – bet you made sure she 2nd guessed being a lesbian that night you Mandingo endowed pimp!

There’s a lot going on here. HOTT GOSS as far as I can tell means Hot Gossip. Rocks, of course, means crack. I know these things! Really! DiCaprio probably doesn’t have a private jet. I think the user is just making a joke there. And sorry to say, but Jodie Foster never really came out of the closet, she hinted that she might be gay, but at Harvey Keitel’s insistence. Bursnsyfan66 continues:

We even heard you banged Lindsay Lohan without a condom to get a HOTT scoop! (no worries use your Magic Johnson contact to get the cure)

Get back out there playa! The world needs HOTT GOSS more than ever!

Truer words, my friend, truer words.

Before we get to the Comment of the Week: This week there was a new rant in support of  Kevin Smith from Chareth’s article about Clerk’s 3:

saelem: Fat jokes about Kevin Smith…well aren’t you a f*cking pioneer? You know who else makes “Kevin Smith is fat” jokes? Kevin Smith. For the last 20 years. You’re not even beating a dead horse at this point. You’re just pathetically fondling a bottle of Elmer’s glue that hasn’t seen the light of day since the beginning of the Clinton administration while jerking off into a crusty sweatsock.

It might be a decent time to mention how old this article is, itself. But saelem continues:

Nice crack at Mewes for being a stoner too. Low hanging fruit too difficult to reach? Just pick up the stale sh*t that fell off of the tree three weeks ago whats partially rotten, and half eaten by a squirrel. Perhaps next you can write a scathing three post exposé on Tom Cruise for being short. Seems about your f*cking speed :D

My speed’s whatever you need it to be, sweet cheeks.

Ok, but now, here, on this website, your favorite website, this website right here, is the COMMENT OF THE WEEK from the article about the Booby Tassel Bond Villain:

ChinoMoreno: I used to have razor blade tassels on my nipples but I kept shredding all of my belts :(

I don’t know if your tits are so saggy because you are just a heavy cigarette smoker, or you are actually that old. But whatever the cause, this is comment has great structure! Unlike your boobs. Congrats! And guess what, we’ve got another copy of Werner Herzog’s Happy People: A Year in the Taiga to give away. We may even have one more copy to give away to next week’s winner, so keep nominating/commenting.

As always, use the comments section below to nominate for next week.