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05.10.09 88 Comments

This week I’m giving away Stick It in Detroit, an indie comedy from Robert Phelps which says in its description: “THIS FILM HAS A LOT OF BOOBS, BONERS, GRASS, BOOZE, BAD WORDS, POOP AND KARATE.”  Aw, man, is this gonna be like another one of my dad’s lectures?

As always, the way this works is, at any time this week, when you read a comment you think worthy of recognition, YOU nominate it by copy and pasting it in the comments section of THIS post below.  I pick the winner from among the nominees the following Sunday/Monday. (To help you find it more easily, the nomination thread is always linked in the ABOUT section).

Up to speed now, newbies?  To the reacharounds! First honorable mention goes to ChinoMoreno in RYAN GOSLING WILL HELP YOU MOVE:

  • ChinoMoreno says: “It only looks like I’m alone in here because Ryan Gosling is carrying me.”

Next up, from the REAL-LIFE WOLVERINE thread:

  • Burnsy says: “In two years, this guy and Sexman will found Skynet.”

In the DISTRICT 9 TRAILER post, I originally wrote: Here’s a fun game: next time you meet a South African, no matter what they say, just point your finger pistol at them and go, “…It’s just been revoked.” To which SmokeEmIfYaGotEm replied…

  • SmokeEmIfYaGotEm says: “Every time I see an African I pick them up, hold them over a cliff and start singing ‘The Circle of Life.'”

As might be expected, the WHITE NINJA TRAILER also drew plenty of comments:

  • Pauly Dangerously says: “White ninjas throw their stars like this…”
  • Vodka says: “White ninjas can’t jump kick.”
  • Donkey Hodey says: “White Ninja’s job is much easier because nobody in his neighborhood locks their doors.”

In the VAL KILMER TO STAR IN ‘THE IRISHMAN’ thread, Burnsy managed the rare comment that’s both a race joke and a fat joke:

  • Burnsy says: “Val Kilmer prepared for the role by eating at McDonald’s.”

Elsewhere, in word pun comments, we have RoboPanda in KEANU REEVES TO PLAY DR. JEKYLL, MR. HYDE:

  • RoboPanda says: “Keanu thinks this film will be easy because he’s going to be offscreen for all the Mr. Hide scenes.  *air guitar*

…And Tengo Dooter in the SHIA LOVES HIS NAKED HIPPIE MOM thread:

  • TengoDooter says: “If that’s an ‘Ethereal Angel’ then I’m going to stay as far away from Etheria as possible.”

Meanwhile, Pauly Dangerously gets the award for sexiest visual in the TWILIGHT SEQUEL DIRECTOR INSULTS TWILIGHT, BACKPEDALS FURIOUSLY thread:

  • Pauly Dangerously says: “I wouldn’t drag the tip of my dick across the braile version of this book.”

Well if you’re not using it, I was thinking I could scrape my butt on it like a dog on the carpet.  …AAAAnyway, it’s time to announce the winner, and that winner is…. John Wayne in a Devo Hat, for his work in the SEE MIKE TYSON SING PHIL COLLINS thread:

  • John Wayne in a Devo Hat says: “I’ll F*ck You Till You Love Me Faggot” was the theme of my senior prom.”

What can I say?  That’s just about everything you could want in a FilmDrunk comment.  So until next week… Drunk on.

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