Comments Of The Week: The Josh Gad Movie Game, And Steven Seagal Bond Movies

Comments of the Week is back, and I’m giving away FilmDrunk shirts (BUY YOURS HERE) to each week’s winner. We don’t have an upvoting function yet, so in the meantime, you’ll have to bookmark this post and paste your favorite comments in the comments section from which I’ll choose each week’s winner. Got it? Good.

This week’s comments section brought us a wonderful gift. That gift was Josh Gad movie titles. I had actually been planning to do a post on celebrating 2015, The Year Of Josh Gad, by pitching Josh Gad vehicles. Sadly, or happily, the comments section in this post about Josh Gad writing the Twins sequel beat me to my own idea. I’ll get to this week’s winner in a second, but first, highlights of one of my all-time favorite comment threads:

Stallonewolf: Gad Santa, with Kevin Hart as the wisecracking black elf!

Torgo: Gadfellas, where Josh Gad plays 5 different Italian mobsters.

Schnitzel bob: Gad Will Hunting, featuring a tour de force performance by Josh Gad as both a hyper-intelligent but rough and tumble janitor.

Nic Cages T-Rex Skull: The Gad News Bears. Josh Gad coaches a misfit Little League team and spends 80 minutes getting beaned in the nuts by baseballs.

jangles: Josh.0 – youtube supercut of the scenes of Gad being beaned in the nuts from The Gad News Bears

BurnsyFan66: Gadiator

Stallonewolf: Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Gad Black Woman

silance: As Gad As It Gets

Ace Rimmer: Breaking Gad

Verbal Kunt: A Few Gad Men.

Raptor Bacon: Arma-Gad-don. Josh Gad gets a cancerous tumor the size of Texas. The world is saved by said tumor.

AB: Gadzilla! This is where we just send him to Japan and hope he doesn’t find his way back.

Verbal Kunt: Inspector Gadget. It’s the American remake of Detective Downs starring Josh Gad.

ArtCarnage: Gad Lieutenant

MonkeyButt: GADdaca

Verbal Kunt: The Gadadook.

Ace Rimmer: Gad On A Hot Tin Roof – Josh Gad sizzles in the sun, with sexy results.

Van Buren Boy: Win a Date with Gad Hamilton

Verbal Kunt: Gad Him To The Greek. Jonah Hill needs to make sure Russell Brand is at the right place at the right time while Josh Gad is secretly trying to replace him.

Sep: Return Of The Gadi

Stallonewolf: Only Gad Forgives-A slow, mostly pointless film where Josh Gad reads this comment thread and contemplates revenge before shaking his head, turning off his computer, and falling backwards into a pile of money. Just so much money.

Tim Was Tim: Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Gad All By Myself.

Sep: The Gaduate

Sep: Gaden State – Zach Braff rides around in a side car with Josh Gad for two hours.


the9: Gad night and Gad luck

the9: Gad rich or Die trying

amerimike: World’s Greatest Gad

The really mean ones were okay, but I prefer this one, which I think is truer to the spirit of Josh Gad:

Torgo: Gad About Town. The Travel Channel presents a new series following Josh Gad as he patiently waits in line at Starbucks while traveling the U.S.

Patiently waiting in line for Starbucks seems like totally something Josh Gad would do.

This week also brought us a Steven Seagal thread, thanks to my Brief History Of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Steven Seagal. And those are always fun.

Stallonewolf: Jesus Christ, seems like time and space are the only things Seagal hasn’t gotten a grasp on.

Chareth Cutestory: Steven Seagal looks like what happens when Jim Belushi, a Komodo dragon and a sack of hickory chips accidentally enter a teleporter at the same time.

The Jersey Devil: Geez, if Rob Schneider bags on you, how much lower is there to go? I feel like Seagal has turned into a ridiculous, rejected Bond villain at this point.

[responses to above]:

Otto Man: Gropefinger

Feklhr: The Man With The Golden Flashlight

Ace Rimmer: Casino Royale with Cheese

Silance: Moonraper

JTRO: On Servicing His Majesty Secretly

Zuckerkorn: Live and Let Dine

Anyway, lots of competitors this week, but I think I have to give the edge, cumulatively, to Ragnarok.

From Seagal:

Ragnarok: I heard his ‘unique physiological reaction’ is that he puts on a condom with a cue ball stuffed in it and then helicopter-dicks around the room shouting “ANYONE SEEN BOBBY LUPO!!!”

From Boogie Nights Nevertheless Story:

Ragnarok: I remember the night after we saw Boogie Nights my girlfriend told me, “Cum inside me. It’s OK, I’m fixed.” and we couldn’t stop laughing. We were still giggling about it eight weeks later in the abortion clinic waiting room. Which, by the way, needed a little lightening-up. Talk about your Gloomy Guses.

He ended that funny, but he didn’t need to. A good story told in earnest is always welcome! Anyway, send me your address, Ragnarok. Not that you need a free shirt. Your girlfriend sounds cool.