Comments Of The Week: It’s Back

Internet commenters are very bad. But every once in a while, Uproxx commenters are very good. Once a week, we recognize the latter.

As you may have noticed, Comments of the Week has been on hiatus for a very long time. But I figured that with all the trolls, mouth breathers, insufferable pedants in the world, it’s worth rewarding those of you whose comments on our articles don’t make me want to crush my skull with my own palm. I can’t promise anything more than recognition right now, but maybe I’ll bring back prizes at some point. I’ll keep you updated.

Going forward, same rules as before: if you see a comment that strikes your fancy some time in the next week, nominate it by pasting in the comments section of this post.

Now then.

From this week’s epic taco battle, of which I will declare myself the winner regardless of the actual results, on account of I didn’t try to combine al pastor, barbacoa, mole, and a quesadilla into one recipe like Steve. I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR.

Lothar of the Hill People: Hey Vince, I get my tortillas at The Tortilla Factory, too! Or maybe it’s at Tortillas-R-Us. Or at Everything Corny. Actually, any one of those places down in the Tortilla District.

Don’t interpret this as me encouraging everyone to roast me, but that was good roasting.

From my Arrival review/essay:

OhMyBalls: Thank you for the break down on how different cultures perceive time. It’ll be helpful in explaining my work attendance.

Great idea.

From my review of this week’s other Amy Adams movie, Nocturnal Animals (which is garbage, GARBAGE I SAY!):

Charlie Br0nze: I’m having a real hard time distinguishing between Amy Adams and Rachel McAdams. Which one lives in the mountains and trains bears again? As if the whole Tinie Tempah and Tinchy Strider situation wasn’t bad enough, now there’s this!

I don’t know what any of that means and Amy Adams looks nothing like Rachel McAdams (though I would give both of them kisses), but damned if it didn’t make me laugh. Is this because Bronze is British? I can never understand those people. It’s always “shoyna ya boots” this and “bread pie” that. David Beckham fish n chips.

From my Doctor Strange write-up (tl;dr version, it was very silly and I liked that).

Schnitzel bob: Not to mention that Captain America: Civil War expected us to buy that Tony Stark, a man who once got drunk, put on his explosive robosuit, then destroyed his own house while there was a party going on, suddenly gives a sh*t about collateral damage because one stern black lady confronted him.

Well put, and I agree.