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09.28.07 28 Comments

Francis Ford Coppola’s personal laptop was stolen in a robbery at his production office in Buenos Aires.  The laptop contained drafts of his upcoming film Tetro, which will star Matt Dillon.  Reps for Coppola say the screenplay was saved in other places.

Reps for the thieves say they were only trying to help.  They call themselves freedom fighters, and say that if Coppola releases another film like Jack, it may ruin the Godfather movies and Apocalypse Now for them forever.  They say they did it because they’re sick and tired of having to see movies with Nic Cage in them, just because he’s related to Francis.  They say they wished Sofia was present so they could shoot her in the face kidnap her and keep her from making movies.  They say her movies are tedious exercises in nothing and that she needs to learn something about life before she wastes everyone’s time again.  Yes, they said all of this.

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