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Corey Haim took out an ad in yesterday’s Variety that reads, (in case you can’t see the picture to the right):

This is not a stunt.
I’m back.
I’m ready to work.
I’m ready to make amends.

Defamer calls it a "nearly full-page ad", which Variety doesn’t sell, but full-page ads run $7,580 and half-page ads cost $4,610.  Either way a lot of money. But probably cheaper than Haim’s daily coke habit at its peak.  It’s an investment – whether it’s worth it remains to be seen.

I’ll tell you this though, the two-page spread with a close-up of my penis and the tagline "It’s Not Going To Suck Itself.  I’m Through Fucking Around." sure was a waste of money.  I’m thinking Highlights Magazine might not have been the best place to run it.

[Thanks to RoboPanda for the tip. I’d also like to see the inspirational poster parody people get ahold of this] 

As previously noted, all Coreys or Lost Boys-related news item must be accompanied by Greasy Sax Dude (thanks for the reminder, Watanabex).


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