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10.18.10 7 Comments

It may be a Monday, but you know what keeps away The Mondays?  Corgis + Baywatch.  Danger Guerrero should get a Nobel prize for this mash up.


  • The Sad History of Mac Gaming. |Uproxx|
  • Does Giving Away Free Music Downloads Fight Piracy? |UproxxNews|
  • Brett Farve’s penis gate gets Taiwanese animated. |WithLeather|
  • Guy builds home made Formula 1 simulator with his flat screen. |GammaSquad|
  • Get stoned for science. |Fark|
  • So you woke up in a dumpster: a choose your own adventure story for the rest of us. |HolyTaco|
  • Nathan Fillion wants to be in David O. Russell’s video game movie. *cough* who cares *cough, cough*. |ScreenJunkies|
  • Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Assaulting A 12-Year-Old. Whatever, he’s Canadian. That’s not assault, it’s hockey. |Buzzfeed|
  • ‘Jackass 3D’ Stars on Girlfriend Pranks, Disgusting Stunts and Shots to the Groin. |Moviefone|
  • George Dubya takes in a Rangers game, doesn’t look too happy about it. |BarstoolSports|
  • Tron Evolution exclusive reveal: Light Tanks. |G4|
  • There’s still time to submit to “My Dad is a Bro.” |MDIAB|
  • Fear of a Black Planet: Black Presidents in Film and Television. |NERDS!|
  • Steampunk + Cosplay + Girls = Greatness.  (Though if I could wake up and never hear the word “steampunk” again, it would be a glorious day.) |UnrealityMag|

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