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04.03.08 61 Comments

A federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit filed by the guy who ran away from Borat screaming like a little bitch (you can see him at 0:24 of the trailer).

Jeffrey Lemerond, who appeared in the trailer and a 13-second clip in "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan," sued 20th Century Fox, a unit of News Corp., in federal court in Manhattan in June.  Lemerond claimed the filmmakers unlawfully used his image after he was seen in the movie on New York’s streets running from the fictional Kazakh television reporter, "fleeing in apparent terror, screaming for Mr. Cohen to ‘go away,"’ court documents said.

Keep in mind that the filmmakers blurred this jackass’ face in the movie.  So, to sum up, the movie made some guy look like a douchebag, and that guy outed himself as the douchebag by suing the filmmakers for making him look like a douchebag.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska said the film fell under a broad exception to that claim because it was "newsworthy." She said while the film appealed "to the most childish and vulgar in its viewers," it attempted "an ironic commentary of ‘modern’ American culture." [Source]

Great, thanks for sharing your opinion there, Judge Prudey.  To date, the courts have also dismissed suits by the residents of the Romanian town used to represent Kazakhstan, and the douchebag frat boys from South Carolina with whom Borat shares an RV ride.  Hey, guess what, dickheads: if you looked like a dickhead in the movie, maybe you’re just a dickhead; it’s not like they used CGI. Now you see what the rest of us have been seeing all these years.

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