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01.29.08 219 Comments

Don Cheadle, Paul Haggis, and four of the producers on Crash will produce a 13-episode TV series based on the 2005 Best Picture oscar winner for the Starz network.

“This deal fits well with Starz’s strategy of making TV series out of presold movie commodities,” said Stephan Shelanski, executive VP of programming for Starz Entertainment.

Shelanski said the series would have “high production values,” but decisions are still to be made on casting and the shooting location. Starz will be able to begin work on those details immediately, Shelanski said, because Lionsgate has signed a separate deal with the writers guild.

Important to note: none of the characters from the movie will be in the show.

“We’ll use the style of storytelling from the movie,” he said, “but there’ll be new characters and new stories to get into the subjects of race and class, and the bigotry that’s simmering under the skin of a city like Los Angeles.”

Some might expect me to angry about this – not so.  The only problem was Crash ever being a movie in the first place – it always belonged on cable.  I only hope they’ll shoot it in the style it was always meant for: An afternoon special where Ludacris and some stuffed animals rap about the dangers of racism. 

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