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04.16.09 21 Comments


The following story disturbs me far more than the Japanese gore orgy I posted less than an hour ago.  Crash has been Neflix’s top rental for almost four years running.

“The Dark Knight” couldn’t dethrone it.  Neither could Harry Potter, Indiana Jones or even Iron Man. No, “Crash” has remained Netflix’s No. 1 rented movie since its DVD debut in September 2005—much to the delight and confusion of its director, Paul Haggis.  “I just assumed it was some sort of anomaly,” Haggis told the Tribune recently. “I have no idea why anyone went to the movie in the first place, let alone rent it. It was a little independent film, and when people started to see it, I was amazed.” [ChicagoTribune]

That makes two of us. Crash was a sleazy, sensationalist piece of trash that made me want to shower after I watched it – the perfect example of what happens when you turn “gritty realism” into a ridiculous cartoon.  You can just imagine the upper-class white liberal writer thinking “Yeah, man, and then when the cop shoots the little Mexican girl for no reason, people will be sad, but they should be, because that’s the reality out there on the streets, man.”  No.  No it’s not.  You just made that up because you’re a dick and you like ruining everyone’s day.  Frankly, the whole thing is ludacris.  Shut up, I know where the corner is.

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