Critics Are Raving About ‘American Sniper’ In The Latest Trailer

Opening Christmas Day, American Sniper tells the true story of U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the man who was nicknamed “Legend” for his incredible exploits in Iraq. Bradley Cooper now-famously beefed up for the role of Kyle, and both he and director Clint Eastwood are already earning rave reviews for their work on American Sniper, as the glorious praise of the industry’s most notable critics is on full display in this new trailer. Obviously, we also get to see clips of Cooper’s performance and the incredible imagery of what Kyle went through during his four tours, but the review money quotes are a little distracting.

I’m just relieved that Pete Hammond’s name didn’t show up with a quote like, “Shot through the heart and this movie’s to blame, Bradley Cooper moves ahead in the Oscars game!” But I’m sure that one is on deck for the final trailer.