Should be a movie: Crocodile loose on airplane kills 19

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10.22.10 49 Comments

Dammit, Paul Hogan, this constant one-upping has to stop.

Yep, this should be a movie.  That’s the tenuous link to movies I’m using.  Deal with it.  God help you if you complain about me reporting the story of A CROCODILE THAT KILLED 19 PEOPLE ON A PLANE.  It’s quite possibly the most metal thing ever to have happened. It didn’t happen in Florida, so that pretty much leaves Africa.

A STOWAWAY crocodile on a flight escaped from its carrier bag and sparked an onboard stampede that caused the flight to crash, killing 19 passengers and crew.
The croc had been hidden in a passenger’s sports bag – allegedly with plans to sell it – but it tore loose and ran amok, sparking panic.
A stampede of terrified passengers caused the small aircraft to lose balance and tip over in mid-air during an internal flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
The unbalanced load caused the aircraft, on a routine flight from the capital, Kinshasa, to the regional airport at Bandundu, to go into a spin and crash into a house.
A lone survivor from the Let 410 plane told the astonishing tale to investigators.

A crocodile in a sports bag.  Yep, that’s pretty much how I imagine Africa.  BUT WAIT, IT GETS BETTER!

Ironically the crocodile also survived the crash but was later killed with a machete by rescuers sifting through the wreckage. [ -thanks to “EnglishPrick” for the tip]

To add further irony, my sources say the rescuer just happened to be carrying the machete in a sports bag, as he planned to sell it later that day.  Man, I hope African Alanis Morissette writes a song about this.  “It’s like AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDS, on your wedd-ing daaaay….”

“He packed his suuuuuuuitcase, with a crocodie yayile…”

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