One Awesome Dad Is Using His Animation Skills To Turn Videos Of His Toddler Son Into Action Films

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03.31.14 6 Comments

Most parents’ videos of their kids are crazy boring. Ooh, let me guess, she used a word wrong and then got food all over her face,? I’ll alert the media. But recently, Daniel Hashimoto, who is a Dreamworks animator as well as a father, has been putting his animation skills to good use, using them to spice up his home movies so that videos of his 3-year-old son, James won’t be the usual boring-as-hell drool porn.

Eating at the breakfast table gets a plasma cannon. A toy light sabre becomes real. Jumping from couch to couch becomes an action sequence with a real lava swamp. It’s great stuff, and after seeing these, I’m hoping parents everywhere will be shamed into not sharing all their kid videos without at least doing a little effects work first.

This is also a lot easier to root for than the Will Smith version, where instead of turning your kid’s videos into an action movie, you just buy action movies for your kid. If James here ever starts spouting about becoming Buddha, we’ll know this has backfired.

[via TastefullyOffensive]

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