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08.10.07 6 Comments

In a year that's seen Norbit and WildHogs  rule the box office, it's nice to see something perform the way it should.  Daddy Day Camp opened Wednesday and made $773,706, for an average of around $350 a screen.  My source for this, /film, writes:

I don’t wish failure upon anyone or anything.

Well guess what, kiddies, I do. There's nothing I hate more than people who make Norbit and Wild Hogs defending their movies by saying, "Screw the critics, my movie made a bazillion dollars, so someone had to like it."  Well guess what fuckface, just because people paid money to see it doesn't mean they're not walking out of it going, "Wow, what a total piece of shit that was.  Remind me never to see another one of that fucker's movies ever again." 

Most of the people who have long careers in Hollywood are people that can be counted on to make decent flicks most of the time.  

So I hope this failure has taught someone something.  And I hope movies like this fail miserably until they stop making them.  So there.  Now leave me alone, Daddy's drinking.  AND STAY OFF MY GODDAMNED LAWN! 

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