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Hey, girl.  Ever been raped by Pikachu?  [via Thatissogay]


  • If you like lap dances, you’ll love this job at the University of Leeds. |GammaSquad|
  • Honestly, I think the poll adding up to 120% is the least offensive part of this thing.  The premise of the poll was asking viewers what they thought about global warming.  Getting info from Fox News is like going in for a biopsy and having the doctor poll random people on the street about whether you have cancer instead.  |WarmingGlow|
  • I love this make your own MMA shirt contest1. |WithLeather|
  • An interview with Broken Lizard’s Kevin Heffernan, aka Farva. |Moviefone|
  • Lisa Lampanelli celebrates Hannukkah by lighting a Menorah made of black dildos.  For serious.  |Heeb|
  • Sapporo makes beer using… SPACE BARLEY!  |FListed|
  • Swedish group wants “hymen” changed to “vaginal corona.”  So can I squeeze a lime in it or what?  |Fark|
  • How to fire someone in Gotham City. |CollegeHumor|
  • DC is rebooting their Superman and Batman comics, which is big news for you huge nerds. |ToplessRobot|
  • Bobby Bottle Service auditions for Jersey Shore.  If only they could arrange it so that someone wearing an Ed Hardy hat could get punched in the face in every episode.  I’d watch that. |ScreenJunkies|
  • How to tell if your Facebook days are over. |HolyTaco|

And finally, here’s an otter holding a beer:

1 Excerpt:

ARE YOU REDDY FOR KRUNCH? No way you aren’t! This sh-t is in your motherf-ckin’ FACE with pictures of skulls and a crossed sword/c-ck! Do you want f-cking top hats and wings and American flags and F-CK on your shirts? F-CK YOU YOU DO! GET KRUNCH – WARRIOR WEAR FOR WARRIORS and DEATHPAIN.

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