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  • “Disturbing boobs and WTF military weapons.” You know, in case you needed another disturbing peek into my subconscious. |Asylum|
  • 10 great war movie quotes. If I’d written this list, all 10 would be from Full Metal Jacket. God I love that movie. |ScreenJunkies|
  • Follow FilmDrunk and Nick Nolte’s Mugshot on Twitter. Come on a-holes, I need to look popular so chicks will dig me. |/Nick_Nolte, /FilmDrunk|
  • An MMA fighter raps and has Spencer Pratt in his posse.  It’s like a Brett Ratner coma fantasy. |InGameNow|
  • Meet Relaxed Hitler.  He’d kill Jews if he weren’t so busy chillin’. |BOH|
  • The top websites for laughing at others.  Hey now, I’d like to think this one is pretty good too. |YepYep|
  • Ron Jeremy bumps into Shaquille O’Neal.  Is it gay to want to see them compare penises?  Proportion wise, it seems like Shaq having a penis less than a foot long would be like me having a foot the size of a thimble. |HoopDoctors|
  • Drunken argument: Back the Future vs. Back to the Future 2. I gotta go the original on this one. |HolyTaco|
  • The Five best Hustler porn parodies on YouTube. Speaks for itself, really. |NextRound|
  • Handjobs for the future.  Huh, sounds like the past to me. |Atom|
  • Trailer for ‘Prototype’.  My friend at G4 calls it “One of the prettiest and goriest gaming cinematics to come through in a while.” I wouldn’t really know.  My penis is my videogame. |G4|
  • The anatomically correct slow jam. Even my slow jams only last a minute or so. |CollegeHumor|
  • Stop the presses, Kate Hudson has brown hair.  Does this mean she can stop being in movies now? |DailyFill|
  • Spider Cat! Because all cats should have a surf-rock soundtrack. |RoboPanda|

[Thanks to Geoff for the video]

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