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08.14.09 10 Comments

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

  • A Gallery of Fail: 10 Great Baseball Beanings |BannedInHollywood|
  • Here’s the sand painting video your mom is going to be forwarding to everyone in two weeks. |WarmingGlow|
  • A Preview of M. Night Shyamalan’s New Script. |CollegeHumor|
  • Mermaids and Goat Boobies: the perfect business model |HolyTaco|
  • 10 of the best General Lee jumps of all-time |EpicCarnival|
  • Picture Gallery: Interesting Freaks of Nature |Uncoached|
  • Getting out of a speeding ticket, and video of an old lady getting tasered. |OpenSports|
  • Nintendo just filed a patent application for an inflatable horse Wii controller.  Hope it’s jizz-resistant. |ToplessRobot|
  • Rachel McAdams wears a backless dress backwards, teaches the world to sing. |DailyFill|

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