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08.02.09 8 Comments

New Parry Gripp songs are the highlight of my existence.  This new one’s only 51 seconds, though I wish it would go on for hours.  So basically it’s like sex.  It makes me want to run around the apartment rubbing my wiener on stuff.  In related news, my dog hates this song.

Daily Circle Jerk Links:

  • 8 Epic John Woo Fight Scenes.  Or if you’re like me, 8 examples of John Woo being tremendously overrated.  Slow motion doesn’t make stuff less cheesy.  But trying telling that to Troy Duffy. |UnrealityMag|
  • Compilation of people faceplanting on bikes. It’s funny ’cause they hurt their face. |HolyTaco|
  • Roger Ebert reviews a porno. “There is an ugly scene in Squirt In My Gape 3 that I want to tell you about.” |ScreenJunkies|
  • NBA to sell ad space on practice jerseys.  Someone should negotiate for the rights to name future illegitimate children.  Aw crap, Nike got suspended again. |HoopDoctors|
  • Atom’s Comic Con Round up.  Coincidentally, Comic Con Roundup is what I spray on my lawn to keep it free of nerd grass.  |Atom|
  • No comment on this headline: “Sony is aware of fat princess issues.” |G4|
  • The decade’s best villains.  Totally agree on Bill the Butcher.  Amazing that guy who seems like such a Nancy in real life can play such badass badasses.  It almost makes you want to not beat up a theater kid.  |Fansided|
  • This girl is really really flexible.  They should make a movie about her.  A buddy comedy starring her and five black dudes, say. |CollegeHumor|
  • “Nougatory Rape” and Snickers’ edgy new ad campaign. |NextRound|

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