Daniel Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln & Other Quickies

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11.23.10 21 Comments

Here’s Pixar’s contribution to the It Gets Better campaign.  Kudos to the people who make these, they’re tough.  Not bullying gay people is I guess one of those things that still needs to be said, even if it should be completely obvious to anyone with a half a brain.  At some point, I’d love to see this and Take Back the Night folded into a more inclusive “don’t be an *sshole moron” campaign. Or maybe a Heterosexual White Males: We’re Not All Out to Get You campaign.

Daniel Day-Lewis is Abraham Lincoln.  Incredible actor, certainly has the whole “looking angular” thing down.  The Steven Spielberg-directed film (based on the book Team of Rivals) begins next fall and Day-Lewis is already preparing by “visiting the state where the former president began his political career.”  I.e., Illinois.  He’s preparing to play Abraham Lincoln by visiting the state of Illinois.  Okay.  I know as an actor he probably wasn’t doing anything anyway, but could someone just rent Bill & Ted for him?  You’re making a Spielberg movie, dude, you’re not freeing the slaves. |AP/yahoo|

George Hickenlooper’s Death Ruled Accidental Overdose.  The Casino Jack/Factory Girl director who died a few weeks ago was found by the Colorado medical examiner to have died of an accidental overdose “after taking ethanol and oxymorphone.”  Wait, that’s still booze and pills, right?  Who calls it “ethanol”?  Dude was chuggin’ whiskey, not siphoning flex fuel. Unless he was much more hardcore than we ever imagined.|AP|

Crocodile Dundee’s Criminal Tax Evasion Charges Dropped. Paul Hogan reportedly owed $34 million and was barred from leaving Australia (he lives in LA), but apparently all that (at least the criminal part) is over now. Said Hogan, “That’s not a tax bill, THAT’s a tax bill,” and pointed to a red kangaroo with a comically oversized scrotum. He and the tax official had a good laugh about that before bonding over stubbies, loudly cursing the English, and finishing the night with a brotherly fist fight. |AP|

Wesley Snipes Sentenced to Three Years for Tax Evasion. Ouch.  Though he’s still not in custody and his lawyers are still trying to keep him out of prison. So, uh… good? Maybe you should’ve given the lawyer money to the gubment? Don’t you know “always bet on black” doesn’t hold up in court?  Anyway, good luck, and look out for autoerotic asphyxiation ninjas. |TorontoSun|

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