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12.23.09 18 Comments


Below, the first trailer for Death at a Funeral (2010). The original Death at a Funeral came out in 2007, and even though it’s only two years old and in English, they remade it with an American, mostly black cast (Peter Dinklage is in both versions — if not an Oscar, he deserves some kind of Most Valuable Dwarf award).  Wicker Man director Neil LaBute directs the remake.  Alan Tudyk‘s turn as a guy frying on hallucinogens the whole time is taken over by… James Marsden.  The only thing that could save this is lots and lots of Tracy Morgan.  Danny Glover pooping on his hand notwithstanding, it looks like he doesn’t have a huge part. The studio should cut that scene with the scene of J-Lo trying to keep semen from spilling out of her vadge, and then film the audience puking and use that as the promo, Paranormal Activity style.

Hey, did Chris Rock just utter the phrase “bromantically involved?”  Is that because they were both guys or because they’re black?  From the style guide:  Bros = white guys with arm band tats.  Brothers = black dudes.

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