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02.17.10 59 Comments

Reader Osky recently sent me this clip of some guys dressed up like Predators dancing and hip thrusting for a few minutes before Danny Glover shows up.  After I awoke from my thrust-induced trance, I noticed that their costumes seemed too nice to be homemade and did some digging.

Lionel Douglass, who played one of the Predators in Predator 2, orchestrated this little dance off.  This is, as far as we were able to determine, legitimate, and actually made on the set of Predator 2.  For unknown reasons, it was released to the public only several months ago.  Apparently, Danny Glover makes a brief appearance in this as well. [Source]

I guess it makes a lot more sense that Danny Glover would show up if they were on the set of Predators 2.  Though even before I knew the context, I have to admit that I just sort of accepted his appearance as natural.  I read in my copy of Sheltered Racist magazine that the blacks are crazy about dancing.

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