Danny Trejo Would Like You To Buy His 'Breadanimals'

While he’s currently climbing to the top of the comedy mountains on FX’s new series St. George, starring George Lopez, Danny Trejo will always be one of the meanest badasses in the entire action movie game. In fact, just in case we need a reminder, Trejo is currently promoting his latest film Bullet, which co-stars Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks and some other people you’ve never heard of, and features Trejo as the titular old cop who “takes the law into his own hands when his grandson is kidnapped.” It’s groundbreaking stuff.

As for that comedic side, though, Trejo stopped by Nerdist to show off a little-known hobby of his – carving animals out of bread, or “Breadanimals,” with all of his giant, terrifying knives. I’m a little disappointed that this is a bit, mostly because that bread alligator looks pretty delicious.

Also, here’s an interesting fun fact about Trejo that might make your jaw shatter on the floor: According to IMDB, in addition to Bullet, Muppets Most Wanted and the three other movies he has slated for 2014, Trejo has one film in production, four more completed, 12 projects in post-production, three currently filming, four in pre-production and two recently announced. Oh, and one movie is finished but won’t be released until 2016. How on Earth does this guy find time to carve Breadanimals with that kind of schedule?