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A FilmDrunk reader writes of the picture, "found this little gem on the internet. consider posting it next time you talk about batman making fuckton of money."  A gem indeed.  The cartoonist truly is a modern day Thomas Nast – the bag with the dollar sign to indicate money?  Brilliant! 

There isn’t a metaphor out there that can fully convey how badly The Dark Knight is destroying the box office right now.  The total is up to $312.4 million dollars domestically, meaning it reached the $300 million dollar barrier in 10 days, the fastest ever.  The previous fastest being Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which reached it in 16 days.

Studio now believes that "Dark Knight" has a shot at making north of $500 million domestically, becoming only the second film to do so after "Titanic," which grossed $600.8 million in North America. The next two top-grossing pics after "Titanic" are the original "Star Wars," which ultimately grossed $461 million domestically — including re-releases — and "Shrek 2," which made $436 million domestically.

I think I speak for everyone here when I say, "Holy balls."  Meanwhile this weekend, Step Brothers pulled in a respectable $30 million for the number two spot, and X-Files 2 was a big disappointment at $10.2 million, putting it at number four behind Mamma Mia.  Sources say X-Files was shooting for high teens to low 20s in its first weekend, but since it only cost $29 million to make, it will probably turn a decent profit eventually.  In other news, I bought this sportcoat off a wino for two dollars.  *pops collar, does a twirl*  I think it fits great.

[via Variety & DHD

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