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07.28.08 42 Comments

Though still uncredited on it’s IMDB page, Terminator Salvation director Mayor McCheese (that’s McG for the people who prefer the nickname he gave himself to the one I gave him) claims Christopher Nolan’s brother Jonathan is the "lead writer".

According to McG, Nolan was “the lead writer of the film,” and “I don’t know how the WGA rules work but honest to goodness, we did the heaviest lifting with Jonah [Jonathan’s nickname, apparently].” [/Film]

Meanwhile, Mayor McCheese is described as the "lead director" on the project because he drags everything down. …Lead like the metal, get it?  It’s a homophone joke.  Fine, I’ll let myself out.  Anyway, it’s hard to say what exactly this means for the film.  So far, it seems like they’ve made a lot of good choices vis a vis cast and crew, but it is still a McG movie.  Then again, if a director is willing to delegate, it’s possible for him or her to not really do much, in this case lessening the chance for McG to screw it up.  And finally, how the hell do we know what Chris Nolan’s brother actually did on The Dark Knight?  We know nothing about how these teams of brothers really work.  It’s quite possible one of the Coen Brothers always does all the work and the other one spends all day in his trailer sniffing glue and playing with GI Joes.  It’s like when me and my girlfriend have sex.  Technically, "we" have sex, but let’s face it, I’m the one doing all the work.  She just has to hold still for a couple minutes.

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