Darren Aronofsky is FABULOUS and morning links

02.18.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

“Oh hey, girl.  Yeah, I blew off yoga.  Vanilla lattes?  Most def.” Darren Aronofsky looks like he’s off to drop Wes Anderson at his piano lesson. |via Superficial|


What’s going on in the world of kitties? |

Believe it or not, Sofia Vergara was still really hot 10 years ago. |WarmingGlow|


Listen to this week’s Frotcast and enjoy our Steven Seagal invented everything memes. OR ELSE. |Frotcast|

Punte successfully interviews Swimsuit model with no restraining order. |WithLeather|

Video of Justin Bieber getting shot and killed on last night’s CSI. |TheDailyWhat|

It sucks that you can’t beat up someone who’s totally asking for it without someone talking lawsuit anymore. |BostonBarstoolSports|

Mexican teen on hunger strike for invite to royal wedding. |buzzfeed|

White guys with cornrows — worse than white guys with dreads?  Discuss. |WhiteGuysWithCornrows|

Jessica Renee sucks at wearing clothes.  It’s pathetic, really. |GorillaMask|

18 reasons Glenn Beck doesn’t trust the Google.  |HolyTaco|

Mila Kunis is the wicked witch in that Sam Raimi movie. |Screenjunkies|

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