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11.01.07 87 Comments

Keegan over at Asgaard Entertainment (haha, ASS GUARD) in Encinitas (which the locals call ‘Snitas) sent me the hot tip on the trailer for THe Tripper, David Arquette’s straight-to-DVD horror flick.  I would’ve said tongue-in-cheek horror flick, but then I thought the same thing about  Eight Legged Freaks, and remember seeing David Arquette doing Letterman or something where he talked about it all serious like it was Schindler’s List (with giant spiders instead of nazis).

This classic horror movie follows a group of free-love hippies who escape to a modern-day Woodstock concert for a weekend of debauchery in the Pacific Northwest – only to be stalked by a Ronald Reagan-obsessed killer determined to finish what he started years earlier.  Directed by, co-written by and starring David Arquette.  Starring Lukas Hass, Thomas Jane, Jaime King, Jason Mewes, and Paul Reubens, with scary cameos by Balthazar Getty and Courteney Cox. 

I hesitate to rip on David Arquette too hard because one time I was listening to Loveline and Adam Carolla was talking about David Arquette being so wacky, and wondering how a guy like that managed to function, and then out of nowhere he just showed up in the studio.   Anyway, this movie looks really stup– OH MY GOD HE’S UNDER MY BED!

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