David Cronenberg does Don DeLillo: Cosmopolis Trailer

I still haven’t seen A Dangerous Method (Freud crap gives me the dismissive wanks), but Cronenberg’s latest already has a teaser. Starring Robert “The Tibetan Fox” Pattinson, Cosmopolis was adapted from the Don DeLillo novel by Cronenberg himself, who hasn’t written has last few features. Nonetheless, I had little doubt it would be twisted and f*cked up, and that was before I saw the trailer, which has Robert Pattinson shooting a gun through his hand, a guy getting stabbed in the eye, a girl with large breasts, and a guy wearing some sort of rat head crawling on top of a car. So if any of you are writing down ideas for my birthday party, this would be a good place to start.

There’s actually one frame of this trailer that’s NSFW, and if you’re interested, now might be a good time to follow me on Twitter. Here’s the book description from Amazon:

DeLillo skates through a day in the life of a brilliant and precocious New Economy billionaire in this monotone 13th novel, a study in big money and affectlessness. As one character remarks, 28-year-old Eric Packer “wants to be one civilization ahead of this one.” But on an April day in the year 2000, Eric’s fortune and life fall apart. The story tracks him as he traverses Manhattan in his stretch limo. His goal: a haircut at Anthony’s, his father’s old barber. But on this day his driver has to navigate a presidential visit, an attack by anarchists and a rapper’s funeral. Meanwhile, the yen is mounting, destroying Eric’s bet against it. The catastrophe liberates Eric’s destructive instinct-he shoots another character and increases his bet. Mostly, the action consists of sequences in the back of the limo (where he stages meetings with his doctor, various corporate officers and a New Economy guru) interrupted by various pit stops.

I haven’t read that one, but I got three quarters of the way through White Noise, which was brilliant, but at a certain point I realized it was making me seriously depressed and I had to quit. What I really want is for someone to put Amazons back into a print, a faux sports autobiography DeLillo co-wrote under a pseudonym about the first female NHL player. …Cool story, huh.

[trailer via UltraCulture]